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Sem Fronteiras / No Borders

Among so many creations of humanity, the border is one of them that always intrigued me, those simple lines that coexist in our imagination and in our hearts. At the same time they preserve cultures they push us away from each other. This ambiguity has always awakened in me the desire to sometimes erase these lines and visit to see what it would be like on the other side and live the differences between the several worlds we have. But it is only for a few moments, since I know that they must come back to exist the colors of the world. Here is the my invitation to you to live 47 minutes without these little scratches on the maps, without prejudice and without borders with many colors mixed.

Many thanks to friends that contributed with commitment and art for it existence. They are: Pablo Lapidusas, Fábio Bergamini, Victor Zamora, Michele Ribeiro, Alexandre Ferreira Alves, Henrique Macide, Ruca Rebordão, Guto Lucena, Luciana Araújo, Guilherme Banza, Sérgio Silva and Zé Pato from Ciganos D'Ouro, Taïs Reganelli, Henrique Torres, Joao Magalhaes, Eduardo Klebis, Carlos Duarte Leitão, Ricardo Parreira, Joana Lisboa, Ivo Costa, Jorge Oscar, Nilson Dourado, Nuno Ferreira and all the anonymous people who have spent some time in my life inspiring me in some way to compose those songs.

Thank you very much.



From the rustic heart of the Iberian Peninsula, it's people, it's language, it's way of living in the present, and above all it's melodies, comes a new voice of the Iberian people, unconstrained by borders. D'Alambre is Spain and Portugal, yet at the same time carries the spirit of Latin America, in which Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Mexico, amongst others, contribute to this new sonic vision. In this manner, Mili Vizcaíno and Gustavo Roziz have constructed a bridge between these worlds, consolidating a coming and going of rhythms and melodies, creating new songs that come to life in the hands of Gabriel Godoy, Máximo Ciuro and Ruca Rebordão. Together they present their debut album, "Tierra Seca y Caramelo", a journey that begins in the Spanish Estremadura region, passes through historical Lisbon and crosses the Atlantic, bringing from the Brazilian Sertão the unique sound of the viola caipira, together with it's inherent mystique. Sing, dance, smile, cry, or simply close your eyes to savour this musical moment.

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