About The Guiola

From the first moment I became involved with the traditional 10-string wire violas and the search for a specific sound that reminds us of the Iberoamerican culture, as well as the constant improvement of using the technique of one instrument in another, I felt the need to change the construction of the instrument that I already played, the traditional Brazilian guitar also known as viola caipira among many other classifications. This variant of the construction of the instrument goes towards the Portuguese Guitar because of its peculiar sound, greater ease of application of the technique already developed and also referring to two close but at the same time distinct cultures such as the Brazilian and the Portuguese. At the same time I seek to expand the artistic field to other destinations from the Iberian Peninsula to the Latin American countries, as well as to Portuguese official African countries such as Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea and Mozambique, moving through the multicultural universes. from both Spain and Portugal. I invite you to know this unique instrument made jointly by the hands of luthier António Monteiro of Guitarras Flor de Lis, which I classified as Guiola.

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